Cumberland Island

“Chaz, I think it’s actually possible that we could make it to the ferry on time.” 


I said this as we pulled up to the check-in station 45 minutes before our departure time. 


The night before I had realized our tent for camping on the island was in Dunnellon at my parents house. I had slept two hours and Chaz hadn’t slept much more. After stopping for breakfast and running by Wal-mart to grab a camping stove and a tent, we had actually sort’ve made it. 


We carried our gear onto the boat and parked the car in the lot several blocks away. 


Now I’m trying to balance enjoying the moments and capturing them for you.

July 17th – Camping


Chaz has never camped before. He had this worried and excited raised-eyebrow smirk the whole time the ferry was leaving the dock. Even though the island looks close on the map, there was water as far as I could see. It’s so fun to quickly change places and modes of transport. A few hours ago I was stumbling out the front door with my packs and into the car and now I wouldn’t see the car for three days until we got back to the mainland. We had so much gear.


Filming equipment, camping equipment, music recording equipment. And the campsite was a half mile from the dock.


By the time we dragged ass into the campsite our exasperation and enthusiasm were pretty equal. Please allow my mediocre Ali G impression. 

We unpacked the walmart tent (garbage) and set about making camp.


Chaz likes battery powered fans. He says he sweats a lot and since he’s on camera he says he doesn’t like to be sweaty. Well he was. But we were camping so WHO CARES!!



July 18th – Day 2


Today I went for a run which was really fun. Angeline had texted me on the way to the island about doing a 50 mile 3-day run on the Appalachian trail and I was iffy on if I could hang. I’ve run with her before and I’ve kept up fine but 50 miles is a lot longer than I’ve ever run.


Anyway, I set out to run 6 or 7 miles. It had to be 105 degrees at least and I didn’t bring my running shoes. All I have are these piece of crap slip-ons that I’ve had since high school. Never the less I was excited to explore the island and decided to run.

When I got out about 4 mile catches really wanting water and I was enjoying adventuring around the island. I had run by wild horses grazing, and some historic graveyards. Turning back seemed boring and I remembered the map had said there was water 7 miles up. A small but steady stream of cars kept heading back the way I had come from. I decided if I went all the way, grabbed water, rested and still couldn’t run back I’d bet on catching a ride back in one of the cars.

I made it all the way to where the water was supposed to be. Seven miles and I ended up at tedious looking colonial-era plantation house. As I ran into the gate I felt my hip start to cramp up. I looked all around and couldn’t find water anywhere. I finally ran into a ranger and asked him where the water station was. There was no water station. Just a spigot at knee height on the side of a building. I had no bottle. I was starting to lay down on my belly after trying to drink bending over when another volunteer came out and asked me if I was ok. I explained my situation. They gave me a water bottle and wished me well. I filled up my gut and my new bottle and decided to head back. A truck left right ahead of me and I almost flagged them down to hitch a ride back, but decided nah there would be other cars. 


But now there were about zero cars heading back. And it was starting to be evening so the mosquitoes were coming out. And I was learning the hard way about running without good shoes. My knees hurt, my hips hurt, and my feet. Even to walk. And I couldn’t stop because the mosquitoes were thirsty af. 

When I got back to camp I swear I could barely walk at all. I made this video the next morning which looks like I was punched in the face.

I didn’t make any music. When I got back from the trip I made this song inspired mostly by hanging with Chaz. Chaz always has this happy go-lucky attitude and there are very few times I’ve seen him legit feeling down. The title of the song is ‘Jellyside Up’. It comes from something my aunt said to me when we visited her in Boone a few days later. “You’ve gotta remember the times your toast falls jellyside up too.”

Anyway, here’s my breakfast tune. I love the rap. 

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.