annotated lyrics

This shit right here is just too f***in dope
Found my Ikigai on the f***in road

Ikigai is Japanese for “reason for being” its an idea that our best self is found at the intersection of 4 things: What we love, what we’re good at, what the world needs, and what we can get paid for. We all have some mixture of these things in our lives and I think of my goals as trying to move towards fewer things that intersect with more of these circles.

This is clean as hell Doctor Bronner’s soap
This sh*t right here is just too f**in dope

I’m a hemp-citrus guy myself

“A New American Dream” is an idea that really inspires me. It implies that the American Dream of prior generations isn’t really relevant anymore and that it’s up to us to redefine what that means given the huge shifts happening in our world today (climate change being the biggest of them imo!)

New American Dream you’re seeing it picking up steam
And did it for all the right reasons
Made it look easy
Better believe that I’m seasoned and this is my season

Started out taking a beating but now you’re not hearing a peep
Cuz none of my haters are breathin
Didn’t you think it was odd when none of em came to get even

And we got people basically eatin all vegan
And it’s not cuz they believe in it either
Only cuz we made it cheap and convenient
And healthy and steamin I’m screamin
Exactly the thinkin of pricing up carbon and startin a fee
And that’s what I’m dyin to see in this world

We started a plant-based meal plan in Miami that got 12-14 of our friends and neighbors eating a low-carbon diet because it was affordable, convenient, delicious, and super nutritious. It really inspired me because it showed how climate projects can earn people’s participation by also solving the co-benefits they care about – i.e. price, convenience, and quality. It’s not easy, but it CAN happen when we get creative. And it can be a lot easier than trying to make people care about something they don’t care about.

If you had doubts consider those rumors confirmed
I’m giving these rappers a perm that’s permanent
Serving up so many snaps on these tracks
That they ask if my timeline is per minute

Spoutin a mouthful of facts like a mix of a rapper and journalist

The Clouds of Different Colors video made me feel like a rap journalist

Put up a booth in this trailer cuz it was just way to reverberant
The Tesla is swervin the compost and turnin it

I have this image of driving the trailer with a big humanure compost tumbler in it and the compost getting mixed from the motion of driving around

Trust the process damn I’m clean without a faucet

Flossin while the Tesla streamin netflix screen to watch the office

I used to watch the Office in the Tesla back when it was on Netflix

I thought Creed’s name was Crete – oops!

Not a problem
Oscar, Crete, and Michael Scott shit

Almost gotcha
Got her screamin awfully off the grid and at the office
Always offerin to get her off often
Covid coughin’

Wifi hotspot 5 G’s profit

I was working off of a wifi hotspot and making good money from my laptop out in the middle of nowhere

Soul mahatma

Gandhi believed in a spiritual idea called Satyagraha which comes from Satya meaning “truth” and Graha meaning “force”. So he believed the truth was powerful. Our world is so much more post-modern that his ideas about truth feel naive now. But if there is a truth we should all be able to agree on it’s our planet collapsing and that truth should be powerful.

Trackin hotter and the trailer steamy like a solar sauna
Come and get your freedom by the
Kilowatt hour

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.