annotated lyrics

This track was definitely inspired by being locked down with some of my best friends in Miami. We all had a chance to turn more towards our art and the stuff we cared about. I started planning the Living in My Tesla music video and wrote Salt n pepper. It was the first time I ever really embraced myself rapping instead of just singing songs I wrote.

Right now you can get it how you want it
Hare krisha hare rama

Best friends cookin in the kitchen at my momma’s

All my friends from Miami went up to visit my parents and it was cool seeing my best friends like making good food with my family

I just got back from the thrift with designer

I love a good thrift

No pressure all dressers in the fam
No smoke tryina take a photo like a fan
That’s a no go loco you don’t understand
I don’t care about a grammy but I did it for the family

Lockin down in Miami
Swiffer pad on the canned beans disinfect the
Apocalypse stash with the squash and spaghetti

My sister said she heard that the lockdown was about to prevent us from being able to even go to the grocery store. We had a girl from Spain living next door and she told us about how intense the lockdown was over there. So we went to the grocery store and bought a ton of non-perishable food and put it in a special cabinet and called it our apocalypse stash. The stores were out of disinfectant but I dug through a cart full of returns in the customer service section at Wal Mart and found some Swiffer pads. So each time we would get new supplies we would come home and wipe our cans and packages down with swiffer pads XD

I should wash this mask but I just keep on forgetting man
what are you gettin at?

My friends wouldn’t stop making fun of me when I told them I hadn’t washed my mask for like the first 9 months of COVID XD

Merch from the thrift that’s a first
Passin on discouragement passin out shirts
Driving back from the glades got me writing down a verse
Streaming from the storage unit where I gotta go rehearse

Right you can get it how you want it
Hare krisha hare rama
Best friends cookin in the kitchen at my mama’s
Going and get the C.R.E.AM. go and get the dalai lama

So rap fans are familiar with C.R.E.A.M. which stands for cash rules everything around me. For me it’s carbon rules everything around me.

Nice hey
If I can say it ya I made the right plays
Living off of nothing in Orlando had some dark days
Art paid I might start the day off with a eye gaze I just cooked vegan for my friends ran a 5k

I’m super thankful to get to work on my art and make music but it hasn’t always been this way.

Christ sake planet meltin like a parfait
And I don’t know a way out but I’m tryina to do my part ayy
It’s not enough but my heart is in the right place
Making it a partay you’re welcome to partake

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.