Outdoor bathroom!

I need a better bathroom setup and I’m looking for your help!

This bathroom should...

• Provide a great experience!
• Be portable (on wheels or easy to disassemble)
• Be compact (light-weight, able to fit in my 7’x26’x7′ trailer for transport)
• Drain water effectively so that water doesn’t sit in the shower after use



This shower will be fed with solar heated rainwater (I will figure this part out). It should provide basic privacy but should be fully enclosed so that the experience still feels like showering in nature.
The shower will be fed with rainwater via pump. You don’t have to figure out the water source part, just make sure there are hookups.


The walls should only be high enough to cover someone’s shoulders and it should be low enough to cover someone sitting on the toilet. 

The floor of the shower should be raised so that muddy water doesn’t pool at your feet. It could sit on top of a wood pallet with a basin underneath with a drainage pipe running out. 

Composting toilet

I plan to buy a Nature’s Head composting toilet and will need a place for toilet paper and sawdust.


Optionally the toilet could be housed in a nice enclosure like the one shown to the left. The housing should provide easy access to empty the composting toilet. 

Faucet/sink for handwashing

This sink should be fed from the same water source as the shower. There should be room for soap and a towel. This sink should drain effectively. 

Materials list...

• Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Metal siding for 3 walls

• Hinged door? Curtain? 

• Would metal studs be lighter/stronger?

• Pallet floor

• Shower head and plumbing

• Faucet/Sink/Plumbing

• Locking hinges for folding walls

Are you the perfect person to build this?

Text/call Dane @ 352-229-4867

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.