Clouds of Different Colors

Woke up in this city where clouds are different colors

And teachers board up their shutters

So students don’t see flooding of flames

Outside the windows

The snakes running for cover

This playground is oven

It’s covered by the Orwellian

Two billionaire brothers

Got profits deep in my governors pockets

And couldn’t stop at just blind eye sockets

Turned by my governments

We subsidized their suffering

Darker than black ash

Black students are covered in


Make no mistake they own this town

Run this world, burn it down

Make no mistake they own this town


Left with no choices – Pellets of poison

Her soil’s her fortune her soul is exploited

That’s why we voted for Nikki Fried who made us believe she’d use her position as commissioner

To make em stop burnin the tops of the crops

And switch to green harvesting

But the problem was 
As soon as she took office she promptly forgot those promises

She made when she asked this whole community to vote for her

And now she’s running for governor


The PR team they showed us to say wassup

The legal team made all of it pro forma

The marketing team filled everything full of syrup

So we don’t have to tell you to eat this and shut the fuck up


There is no peace of mind

When you belong in my system where being poor is a crime

Capital is your prison you puppet

Your price to me isn’t nothing

I bought your question, your karma, your conscious, your come up

Your politics all of it to me is just economics

I can afford to keep you lost in my environment

No I’m not starting to green harvest

My profits are peak promise

We went straight from slavery to enslaving the free market




When we spend our lives; we pay their price

We watched them rape South Florida until she bled red tide

While they drain out every drop until the well runs dry

And fill up every inch of soil in a pesticide

And crush those immigrants under their boot heal hide

And smother Rosenwald in dark black skies on the horizon

All the while we subsidize them

Oh the irony

Own both sides

They’re not society


The clouds are different colors because of the chemicals that are burned into the air with the crops

Teachers have to keep their windows shut so that kids don’t see the crops burning

Some students told us when they burn the fields around the school, snakes and other animals come into the school from the fields to get away from the fires

The Fanjul brothers were driven out of Cuba during the Cuban revolution. They came to the US and bought land near Belle Glade. They now own Domino Sugar, Florida, Crystals, and other sugar companies as well as 155,000 acres of sugar crops. 

The Fanjul brothers made significant contributions to Rubio’s early political career

We subsidize US sugar prices

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