annotated lyrics

Ooo I got this new whip
Inside white as cool whip
Woke up with the sun
and now I’m in here making music
Laid down in the showroom
to show em how to do it
Brilliant can look crazy if you don’t know
how to view it right

So in the moment
Technically homeless
Always heat for a cold night
AC for the Summer
Back seats go down
Unfold this mattress above em
I’ve got privacy cuz y’all can’t see
I’m under this cover

I’ma watch some Netflix
Get my chess fix
Selfie time carbon price necklace
I was trying to decide should I flex all this
Man fuck ‘em it’s electric

And now I’m seeing people I missed
Sleeping in the driveways of all of my friends
They give me high fives and high praise
And let me plug in
You haven’t seen this before
Ok let’s go for a spin

In that salt n pepper vegan leather
salt n pepper vegan leather
Life isn’t perfect but it’s now or never
Salt n pepper vegan leather
salt n pepper vegan leather
The rest is just whatever

I might have to make payments
But I don’t pay rent
Time to price carbon I been patiently waitin

For the first 6 months of having the car, I just traveled around Florida visiting people and working from my laptop. It was pretty fun for a while.

I was living in this really small room with no bed in Little Haiti and I basically just traded my rent for the car payment. My friends let me park next to their house and they had an outdoor kitchen/bathroom

Lookin for ways of escaping
This role in gentrification
They said I must be an alien
To live in a spaceship but

Little Haiti is known as the fastest gentrifying neighborhood in the United States because it’s at a relatively high elevation compared to the coastal areas like Miami Beach. Henry Flagler built the railroad through Little Haiti because they knew it was higher ground and would flood less. 

She like let’s see that engine upfront
I’m like the front is where I keep my food
But look if you want
Keys are too much

Naw it’s just the touch of a button
She shrugs and grabs something
we can chill in the frunk with

Tesla’s automatically unlock when your phone is near the car. They don’t have to “start” like a normal car so if it senses your phone near the car, it will let you start driving right away. No more carrying keys!

In that salt n pepper vegan leather
salt n pepper vegan leather
Life isn’t perfect but it’s now or never
Salt n pepper vegan leather
salt n pepper vegan leather
The rest is just whatever

It’s night now
Lights out
Roll that window down cuz it’s nice out
Roll the window back up I got a bite
How is this car off but the air is still iced out

I found out the best thing when the weather’s nice is to sew a screen into the car cover so you can get ventilation without draining your battery and without getting mosquitos!

I used to have a perfectly shaped glass jar that would fit in my console and it had a rubber seal. So I could keep compost there and it wouldn’t smell and was easy to get to. Wish I had a picture to show you!

Compost in my console
This shit is my condo

I got my whole closet with me
everywhere that I go

Self-driving high ROI like soprano
Stop at gas stations just refill
this water bottle

Tesla plans for their cars to be 100% autonomous so that someone who owns a self-driving Tesla could send it out when it’s not being used to give people cheap rides and earn money for itself

And I don’t really need to be shifting
I’m pissing on every piston
And nit wit with a lift kit or a dipstick
Whip is so sick socially distanced
Business was so interesting I own this percentage

And I’m all for the gimmicks
But don’t stop at the image
Self driving will save the lives of
like millions and millions
Of distracted drivers who bump
into somebody’s children

Most accidents happen because drivers are distracted, tired, or driving dangerously.
Self-driving gets rid of all of this and will save millions of lives each year by preventing traffic accidents.

Not to mention half of emissions
or parking lots missing
This is the future we’re witnessing
Truth is stranger than fiction
This crazy-ass plan was an easy decision

If cars are autonomous, instead of sitting unused baking in the sun in some parking lot, they can be driving around giving people rides. So we can help eliminate parking lots which are a big waste of space.

Eight cameras understand you
can’t mess with my vision
Internet in this whip all the dash buttons
are missing minimalistic

There are 8 self-driving cameras in a Tesla model 3

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.