I was so burnt out. I stopped making my music. The production business I started with my best friend fell apart. I was broke. 

I spent Sunday’s escaping through playing video games and staring at the ceiling. The rest of the week I put in 60 hrs on our business which was quickly going nowhere. 

I had isolated myself mentally from everyone I cared about. I was dangerously depressed. The worst was that I just couldn’t admit it.

Too much pressure – no juice left. Something had to give. 

What happened over the next summer was a journey of letting go. An opening. And finally recovery. 

I left on a road trip – and in taking space from my life, a new one appeared before me. Music started flowing again. My hands let go of the dreams I’d fallen slave to, and with hands open I finally stumbled into the next chapter of my life. 

The result was an album and video series created out of my car that I called Solastalgia. Which means the having the feeling that home is transient or impermanent, even before it starts slipping away. 

My goal was to release this album over the summer of 2020. But, as we all know – COVID.

So I’m releasing it now through a special experience where each day for 10 days I’ll send you a new song, story, and video. The idea is to mimic my experience of each day waking up somewhere new on the road trip. 

Choose an option below for where I should send the album experience:

My deepest thank you.
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