Nothing great is done alone‚Äč

This year has been an explosion of creativity. I’ve created more than 40 songs and continued to make my solar studio tiny home even more magical. I performed at Times Square and found new ways to connect sustainability and music. 

And this is only the beginning! The momentum is building and more and more organizations are partnering up. Thank you so much for listening and considering supporting what I do financially. 

Most of the songs I’ve created this year exist in demo format, meaning they’ll never be shared on my Spotify. But each one is still a beautiful moment distilled in musical format. So if you’re someone that cares enough to sign up to support my music, I want to send you all of them. And each week I’ll be adding new ones! So pick a subscription level below that feels comfortable for you and I can’t wait to share all that I’ve been working on!

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My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.