Annotated Lyrics

Shout out to Chris Castro
Showed up to this last show
When you see us you can feel the passion
It ain’t even a hassle
Gettin to this cashflow
We could turn this palace to a castle

* Chris is Orlando’s Director of sustainability where he works on projects that are like green science fiction to me. He can answer q’s like how many solar panels it takes to offset all of Orlando’s energy. because he’s working on accomplishing that. He’s def one of my hero’s.

I’m at Jay Blanch til the lights low High tech hippie with a nice flow Got em roped in like a lasso Real big goals and I’m yellin golaso

*the park by pbp

Group 205

I got fam that I met down at Basel
We got plans they invented at Nasa
Blast off and we got fam at the casa
Gram lookin ya like Picasso


*I moved to Miami after collaborating on a climate mural project at Miami’s Art Basel. those people became like family to me over time.

My girl’s got a drip more fire than tabasco
She’s pretty healthy and she tells good dad jokes
We’ve been watching what they do in the shadows
Workin on her neck like Laslo

Group 205

Whatcha need that for
Lil RAV 4 or a fast ford
I just pressed fast-forward
Watchin Netflix on this dashboard
And this glovebox needs a password

Taking rainwater showers in the backyard
So cinematic like it’s black bars

*cinematic video is usually widescreen so there are black bars below and above the video

Meal plan waiting by the backdoor
No time for it when we’re at war

*Sometimes I get stressed out feeling like I’m not doing enough in the face of climate and I don’t take care of myself

So it’s robotaxi
Cuddle in the backseat
Welcome to the mansion of the green gatsby
Boomers ask me if I’m overreacting
They don’t see the science
And that’s truly madening

But today is a nice day
I just cooked vegan for my friends ran a 5k
Saved 5k off sleepin in the driveway
Put that straight into $TsLA

^ yup

image 182

And now it’s capital gains
And now I’m back at the palace doing actual things
I’ve been active and balanced
And I’m glad that you came

I’d like to welcome you to the new american dream
I got a backyard filled up with edible things
Barrels of rain
Ain’t no label pulling the strings
I’m showin’ some fangs
A privilege to be part of the team
That’s part of some change
I stayed in my lane and it feels amazing

My deepest thank you.
I promise that I will do my best to give you and your guests an amazing show. I will reach back out to you through email / phone soon.